ponedeljek, 10. februar 2014

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Za vse, ki vam še ni uspelo priti do Abu Dhabija, da bi si ogledali veliko mošejo šejka Zayeda, lahko to sedaj naredite kar iz naslonjača. Preko street viewa, seveda.

For all of you who have not yet managed to get to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, you can now do this from the armchair. Via Street View, of course.

3 komentarji:

  1. I love this mosque! I've been there only once and I'm planning to go again sometimes in March. It's a photographer's paradise!

    1. It's incredibly beautiful and magnificent and I'm sure that will be perfect place for you :)

  2. Beautiful, grandiose structure! I enjoyed admiring from afar last year during our brief stay in Abu Dhabi. It was serene waking up to the sight of it every morning.

    I have yet to visit inside though..hopefully when my son is old enough.

    Thank you very much for the visit, Dasa! it is always lovely to meet new blogger friends in Dubai....xoxo

    visiting from http://www.mrspinkihan.com