nedelja, 09. avgust 2015

3 years around the world

We love to travel so, so, soooo much. Each trip gives us opportunity to disconnect from our regular life, change us for the better, gives us an adventure, new experiences, education and relaxation, it makes us better travelers, problem-solvers, more open to new things, gives a chance to see pretty things, eat food like we never had before, gives us power of stepping outside ourselves for a moment and creates memories for a lifetime. Always boosts our confidence, gives us chance to do something new and more important - it makes us happier. 

Travel also has no limits, whether it's by plane, car or ship. As long as you travel somewhere, that's all that matters ;)

If you also love to travel you definitely need to check 28 year old Walter Chang's stunning timelapse video, based on 3 years of backpacking around the world.

Our life's exciting adventure is coming soon. So stay tuned :) 

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